BBBS Seeks 400 Volunteers by January 1

Four-hundred adult volunteers are needed to help Big Brothers Big Sisters meet the needs of at-risk young people in Louisville – so the organization is holding a drive called the “400 Campaign”.

Spokesperson Kristin Milosevich says signing up that number of adult mentors would nearly clear its waiting list, so they can focus on signing new children up for the program.

“It’s a number we feel confident we can make happen. It’s a goal we feel we can reach,” says Milosevich. “And so we just felt that the 400 Campaign is something that’s memorable and impactful and will illustrate the fact that we do need more big brothers and big sisters to help the children in Kenuckiana.”

The campaign lasts until the end of the year.

Milosevich says the average time a child spends on the waiting list is six months, but some have waited up to two years.