Weapons Stockpile On Track to Be Destroyed

This week, a nonprofit citizens’ group dedicated to monitoring the destruction of chemical weapons took Kentucky lawmakers last week to see, first hand, progress in achieving that goal.  Chemical Weapons Working Group head Craig Williams says Senator Mitch McConnell was among those who saw what’s taking shape at the Bluegrass Army Depot chemical weapons site.

“The primary objective was to have them witness the progress that’s been made in the construction of the neutralization facility that’s going to be used to dispose of the stockpile here in Kentucky,” said Williams.

Destruction of the weapons has been delayed for years, in part because of funding.  And the U.S. will miss an international treaty deadline in 2012.  But after years of uncertain budgets, Williams says the U.S. Secretary of Defense has recently promised the project will receive enough funding to accelerate and complete its mission.