Pitino Criticizes Media For Reporting Of Sex Scandal

Pitino scoldingUniversity of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino is criticizing the media for its reporting of the sex scandal involving a woman accused of trying to extort him.

Pitino called a press conference after recordings of a police inteview with Karen Sypher were released today in which Syhper accused Pitino of sexually assaulting her six years ago. Prosecutors declined to bring charges against Pitino.

“What I don’t understand is why you keep fostering this behavior. On a day when Ted Kennedy died, we broke with the news here in louisville with Karen Sypher audio and tapes to the detective, and its already been put out. That’s a pretty sad commentary on us,” Pitino said.

Pitino told authorities he had a consensual sexual encounter with Sypher at a Louisville restaurant in 2003.

She was charged this year with trying to extort millions of dollars from Pitino and is awaiting trial.