MSD Says Buyouts, Improvements Can Prevent Flooding

by Gabe Bullard on August 26, 2009

Louisville Metro Sewer District officials say more infrastructure work may be needed to prevent flooding in west and southwest Louisville. At Wednesday’s meeting of the Metro Council’s ad hoc flood committee, district six resident Felicia Gardner said her home floods whenever there‚Äôs a heavy rain, and she believes MSD could do more to alleviate the problem.

“If any of this occurred in the east end on a daily basis, you all would be doing something about it,” she says. “You know it, I know it, we all know it. Let’s keep it real.”

MSD officials say the sewer system overloaded on August 4th, causing the flash floods. Regulatory Services Director Brian Bingham says the system wasn’t meant to handle that much rain, or that many residents.

“A lot of properties that are in these areas didn’t have paved driveways, people have added those,” he says. “They’ve added additional garages, they’ve added sheds, they’ve added patios.”

MSD is considering offering to buy some homes in the flood prone areas to create green space and lessen the burden on the sewer system.

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Dean Jameson August 26, 2009 at 10:39 pm

How about let’s talk about the impervious surfaces created UPHILL from these properties – the Unbridled Development that Abramson has given a carte blanche to, without adequate drainage measures in place? This flood fiasco is the lack of appropriate planning by Metro Government for the outrageous uncontrolled development, with no respect for the natural drainage flow of the land. $800 million in Stimulus money – most went to even more blacktop, concrete and some non-energy related improvements to Government buildings. It is a crime what this City has done to the area, forcing these citizens to wallow in their own sewage. Enough with the bells and whistles trying to make Louisville into a silk purse – get the infrastructure stable first.

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