Newburg Library to Open Tomorrow

newburglibrary1The newest branch of the Louisville Free Public Library opens officially tomorrow. The $1.9-million dollar facility in Newburg is being billed as the library system’s first technology-driven branch.

Library Director Craig Buthod says the branch has a number of environmentally-friendly features.

“All the way from the electric eye on this light fixture that helps us constantly adjust the light to the daylight outside to the all-natural materials in the flooring in front of you to the carpet made out of recycled water bottles to the high windows that allow daylight in without glare to the natural wood materials,” says Buthod.

newburglibrary3The library includes 32 brand-new touch-screen computers for public use. The original 32 computers purchased for the Newburg library were stored in the basement of the Main Branch when it flooded last week, and were destroyed.

The new computers were purchased with a 50-thousand dollar donation from the Newburg Friends of the Library.