Health Department Unveils Bike Lockers, Library


Three new bicycles are in use at the Louisville Department of Public Health andWellness. They’re part of a ‘bicycle library’ unveiled today for department employees to use during the day, or out-of-office meetings or during their lunch hour.

Director Dr. Adewale Troutman says it’s also a matter of convenience for his workers.

“So if you’ve got a meeting someplace else rather than getting in your car and driving someplace and adding to pollution and adding to traffic, you can get in one of these bikes, take a nice friendly ride to your meeting, perhaps during your lunch hour, when you have some minutes, you can take a bike out and get some exercise, rather than just walking around, sitting in an office and not getting your juices flowing,” says Troutman.

bikelockers2Each of the bicycles has an outdoor bike locker, to keep the bicycles out of the elements and safe from vandalism.

A similar program is already underway at Metro Hall.