Floods May Cost U Of L $15 Million

Owsley, Willehnganz, RamseyLast week’s flood caused an estimated 15 million dollars worth of damage at the University of Louisville and the price tag could be higher.

The school is insured through the state and will request federal funds for additional expenses.

While most of the buildings that took on water are expected to open by the start of classes on the 24th, Vice President of Business Affairs Larry Owsley says the Education Building will not be ready.

“We are putting a contingency plan together to be down for the fall semester,” he says. “Part of that is because as we move faculty into other offices, we probably don’t want to move them back mid-semester. But as we get the building up in say September or October, we could actually put the classrooms back in there.”

Officials are currently looking for temporary locations for education classes.Provost Shirley Willihnganz says it’s not clear how much extra space is needed.

“There’s 14 classrooms and those are filled most of the day. I haven’t done the math on how many classes that is, but it’s a lot,” she says.

Willihnganz says the university was at a loss for space before the flood.