New Housing Complex Open In South Louisville

Louisville’s newest multi-family housing development has begun accepting tenants.

The Overlook Terraces apartment complex is located atop a hill in south Louisville’s Auburndale neighborhood.

The 144 unit development incudes two and three bedroom apartments. Rent starts starts at $580 dollars per month, with the exact cost based on income. Amenities include a splash park, movie theatre and, for some,  a view of Jefferson Memorial Forest.

The complex is located in the distict of Metro Councilwoman Vicki Welch.                                   Overlook1

“Most of you know the history of this hill, for the past ten years or so, was not a pretty site. We did have a lot of calls through our office about..vagrants and drug activity and that sort of thing. So when I heard the news of a new complex coming I was very excited about new life coming to this hill,” Welch said.

The project received financing help from the Kentucky Housing Corporation and the Metro Department of Housing.