ACT Scores For Kentucky Juniors Released

The Kentucky Department of Education says the 2009 ACT scores for the state’s public school juniors are in.

Spokesperson Lisa Gross says this was just the second year that juniors were required to take the test.

“Scores are pretty flat, ACT is not the kind of test in which you see large gains or large drops as a rule, so what we see from juniors this year bears out that.   We had a couple of flat scores, we had some that went down very slightly, we had some that went up very slightly, so that’s in keeping with the kind of test that ACT is,” Gross said.

The ACT assesses English, reading, mathematics and science and is scored on a scale of 1 to 36.

The overall average score for the more than 43,000 juniors who took the test this year was 18.2, down a tenth of a point from last year.

Score information for schools and districts can be found here