United Way Seeking, Providing Volunteers

Volunteers have been mobilized by the Metro United Way to help clean up from Tuesday’s flood.

After the flood, the United Way set up a phone line specifically for requests with flood-damaged homes and property. Volunteer coordinator Kelly Thompson says the group has received at least 250 calls and has put volunteers in touch with those in need.

“They’ll probably be doing a lot of sanitation work,” she says. “A lot of people have already pulled stuff out of their houses and where the need is now is there’s a lot of mold problems. So they’ll be doing a lot of cleanup that way, but they’ll also be helping the people who haven’t been able to get the materials out of their house—they’ll be pulling that out.”

More volunteers are coming from other states and Thompson says anyone can volunteer to help clean up homes or drive refuse to the city’s drop-off sites.

For information on requesting or becoming a volunteer, click here.