Flood Damages Iroquois Park Amphitheatre

Officials say the Louisville Metro Parks system is in relatively good shape following Tuesday’s floods, but there is significant damage at the Iroquois Park Amphitheatre.

Spokesperson Jason Cissell says officials are still assessing the damage at the amphitheatre, which underwent a $9 million renovation six years ago.

“We’re talking within a couple hundred thousand dollars repair costs.   The main question mark is still whether we’re going to be able to salvage the stage or  whether we need to replace it.     If we have to replace the stage, it will run us about $60,000.   If we don’t have to replace the stage, it will be relatively affordable.

Cissell says the amphitheatre will be open this weekend for some movie screenings. He says if the stage needs to be replaced, it can be done in the off-season.