$5.3 Million In Damage Needed To Qualify for Federal Funds

Louisville Metro Government officials are preparing to put a dollar figure on flood damage. The tabulation is part of the process for obtaining federal disaster funds.

Jefferson County will only qualify for emergency funds if officials can prove that the floods did at least $2.2 million in damage to government facilities and hospitals. In addition, MetroSafe Director Doug Hamilton says the state has to show a certain amount of damage as well.

“The state has to show $5.3 million in damages and that is solely going to rest on what occurred on Jefferson County,” he says. “No one else seemed to have had the problems throughout the state that we had.”

If the 5.3 million dollars in damage can be documented, the governor can ask the president to declare the county a disaster area, thereby freeing up enough federal funds to pay for 75 percent of the damage.