Flooding Disrupts TARC Bus Services

The morning’s flooding has city busses running behind schedule. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer reports.

The Transit Authority of River City or TARC is reporting that this morning’s flooding has disrupted bus schedules and even prevented some busses from getting on the road, says TARC spokesperson Nina Walfoort.

“Almost all of our buses are on some amount of detour,” Walfoort says. “There’s a lot of viaducts that are closed. There’s a lot of flooding on the street. Some routes are not running at all right now.”

Walfoort says bus lines that are in service were running up to an hour and a half behind schedule at around noon.

As of noon some buses were still in the garage because of flooding nearby, says Nina Walfoort.

“We’re not taking any busses out of the garage,” she says. “We’ve got about 4 inches of water right outside of our garage.”

TARC is still working to get services back up to normal.