Ex-Louisvillian To Screen New Film

Film producer and former Louisvillian John Paul Rice has returned to town for a special screening of his latest work.

The independent film is called “One Hour Fantasy Girl.”   Shot in Los Angeles, it’s the true story of a 20 year old woman who takes a job acting out fantasies for clients, as long as they don’t involve sex or nudity and are legal.

Rice says he met the woman while doing research on runaways in Hollywood.

“I  found it very interesting because of the boundaries that were set, and all of the other avenues that of course were available in that world.   I called her up,  I spoke with her and told her about what we were doing and i was interested in sitting down for a meeting with her, and it started from there,”  Rice said.

“One Hour Fantasy Girl” is written and directed by Edgar Michael Bravo. It will be screened tonight at 8:00 the Clifton Center and Saturday at 3:00pm at the Comedy Caravan, where Bravo will also conduct a screenwriting workshop.

The events are sponsored by the Derby City Film Festival and the Louisville Creative Centre.