Dealer Favors Cash For Clunkers Expansion, Would Prefer Some Changes

A local car dealer says he supports the expansion of the federal Cash for Clunkers program, but he would like to see the application process streamlined.

The program offers rebates of up to 45 hundred dollars to customers who trade in their cars for more fuel-efficient vehicles. Paul Caruana with Jeff Wyter Toyota in Clarksville says the program has been great for business, but applying for the rebates has caused some headaches.

“The way they have their website set up and the way they have the process of getting the money set up…they can’t handle it. They obviously don’t have the staff, their website is incapable of handling the traffic that is generated on their end and it’s been difficult for the dealer to get the money,” he says.

A $2 billion expansion for the program is currently working its way through Congress. The original $1 billion is nearly exhausted.