Council Members Prepare To Amend Bridges Ordinance

The Louisville Metro Council is set to pass an ordinance authorizing the creation of an Ohio River Bridges Authority tonight, but several council members want to change the ordinance to limit the authority’s power.

Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh says the appointed authority would have too much power for a non-elected body. Her legislation that required the authority to hold public hearings on its actions did not clear its committee last week, but she is planning to offer an amendment for public hearings tonight.

If it doesn’t pass, she says there will still be hearings.

“Councilmen Owen and Ackerson, Welch, Blackwell and I are going to move forward having public hearings regardless, because we believe our constituents deserve to be heard on this issue,” says Ward-Pugh

Other amendments that set requirements for transparency and labor on the bridges project are also likely to be introduced tonight.