Downard Will Not Run For Mayor

Republican Louisville Metro Councilman Kelly Downard says he will not seek the Metro Mayor’s office next year.

Downard lost to current Mayor Jerry Abramson in the 2006 mayor’s race. Now that Abramson is not running for re-election in order to pursue the lieutenant governor’s post, Downard says he’s been encouraged to run again, but he would rather focus on his work in the council.

“I am almost tired of people questioning everything I do as, ‘He’s running for mayor,'” Downard says. “Now I’m not running for mayor and now when I do things they’ll have to say I’m doing them because I think that’s what’s right. There’s no ulterior motives and no agendas.”

Downard says he is not basing his decision on whom he expects or would like to run for mayor, but on his desire to remain a leader in the Metro Council. So far, only Democrat Greg Fischer has declared his candidacy for mayor.