Council To Vote On Bridges Authority Plan, Public Review

From WFPL’s Stephanie Sanders

Later this week, the Louisville Metro Council will vote on a measure that would create a task force that will oversee the Ohio River Bridges Project. But some council members are concerned the new task force will have too much authority, and not enough public accountability.

Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh crafted a opposing resolution that would create the task force, but require public hearings and a mandate for the task force to ask for public opinion before it makes decisions.

“The process is not a fair process. Any time we don’t allow the public to understand what’s going on and have a say in it, we have abdicated our responsibility,” she says.

That measure was not approved last week in a council committee. It will appear on the Metro Council’s agenda Thursday, along with the measure that was approved. That resolution was sponsored by Council President David Tandy and Councilman Kevin Kramer, and doesn’t require public hearings.