Holliday Is New Kentucky Education Chief

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

Kentucky has a new Commissioner of Education. He’s 58-year old Terry Holliday, a Statesville, North Carolina, educator and administrator who is the 2009 North Carolina Superintendent of the Year. Holliday says he’s impressed with Kentucky’s national reputation for education reform. terry-holliday

“My commitment is that we will work with other states. We’ll work with superintendents. And we will work together with teachers to continue the excellent education progress that Kentucky has made. The main thing is the main thing. And the main thing is teachers in a classroom, helping children be successful,” he said.

Holliday, who begins work August 5th, will be paid $225,000 per year for four years. He replaces former Commissioner Jon Draud, who resigned for health reasons.

Holliday was introduced at a special Kentucky Board of Education meeting Friday.