Owensboro Mayor May Recommend Cutting Ties With KLC

by Rick Howlett on July 7, 2009

Thanks to Lisa Autry, Kentucky Public Radio/WKYU, Bowling Green

The Kentucky League of Cities could lose one of its major customers.

Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne says he may recommend that the state’s third largest city cut ties with the League, depending on the results of a state audit.

“I would hope if they point out additional problems that there’s immediate action to address those issues, and if not I would recommend to our commission that we just withdraw from the league,” Payne said.

The organization has been under scrutiny amid recent publicity and questions about the spending practices of its executive director and others.

Payne says Owensboro pays the KLC nearly $600,000 per year in insurance premiums and $14,000 in dues.

In addition to providing municipal insurance, the KLC lobbies on behalf of cities before the Kentucky General Assembly.

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Clyde Zellers July 8, 2009 at 7:08 am

The article seems a bit light on information. A bulletted list of grievances or a link to a more complete report would be helpful. Also, wasn’t there an issue with salaries at KLC? A rundown of those salaries with names and titles of the officials would also be useful. What is the auditing agency and what is its timeline?
I like the emphasis on state and local news using WFPL reporters, with the Courier cutting back there is a clear need.

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