Zoning Board to Hear Public Comments on Swift Expansion

A public hearing today before the Metro Zoning and Adjustment Board will focus on a two-million dollar expansion at Swift and Company, the meat-packing plant in Butchertown.

Swift had already started construction on a new unloading chute and boiler when it was revealed the company didn’t have the proper permits. A similar case occurred when the Javanon Soccer Club built a structure without pre-approval of its design.

Butchertown Neighborhood Association President Andrew Cornelius hopes the zoning board has learned from that experience.

“We’re hoping BOZA takes a stand. They really need to,” says Cornelius. “They need to show the public they’re there for the public good and not for enterprise and let people build whatever they feel is right.”

In the Javanon case, the zoning board allowed the building to stand, even though the proper approval was sought after construction.

Swift and Company didn’t respond to requests for comment. The company has said its expansion project includes improved odor controls.