County GOP Urges Abramson To Step Aside

The chairman of the Jefferson County GOP says it’s time for Mayor Jerry Abramson to retire from city politics.

Bradford Cummings outlined his reasons today for urging the mayor to not seek a third and final term.

“Open up the process for a bunch of Democrats to get in the race and a bunch of Republicans to get in the race and let’s move forward and have a discussion of the future of the city,” he says.

Cummings’ statement focused on taxes, population growth and controversies in housing, animal control and zoning. Abramson says he hasn’t decided if he will run for metro mayor again next year, but he’s not swayed by Cummings’ statement.

“Have we made some mistakes in 20 years? Yeah, I think we’ve made some mistakes. Have we resolved them and moved the community forward in an aggressive way? I certainly feel like we have,” he says.

Abramson was mayor of the city of Louisville for 13 years before the city/county merger.