U-of-L Neurosurgery Residency Program Reaccredited

After having to replace its entire staff of neurosurgeons, the University of Louisville’s residency program in neurosurgery has been reaccredited by a committee of the American Council for Graduate Medical Education.  Medical School Deal Edward Halperin says the committee will be back in November.

“What they want to see is an inventory of the clinical teaching material listed for them, they want to see the CV’s of any new members of the faculty who may be hired between now and November,” says Halperin, “and they’re particularly interested in what the search committee concludes as to who the next chairman should be of the department.”

Halperin says he’d like to have a neurosurgery chair in place by the end of the summer.

U-of-L’s previous neurosurgeons joined the Norton Neuroscience Institute earlier this year.