Slots Advocates Say They Won't Give Up

Advocates for expanded gambling at Kentucky racetracks say they’ll keep pushing – despite their loss earlier this week in the state Senate, where a committee killed a House-approved proposal to allow slots at tracks. Track officials say they need slots at their facilities to boost purses and compete with tracks in other states.

Patrick Neely with the Kentucky Equine Education Project – or KEEP – says his group is not giving up, and will be back in January.

“Everything is going to be on the table,” says Neely. “Our situation will have not improved in the next six months. So when we come back, I think we’ll be supportive of whatever it takes to put us on a level, competitive playing field.”

Those options could include proposing a constitutional amendment that would have to be approved by voters. Neely says they didn’t consider lobbying for that this year, because ballot measures can only be considered in even-numbered years.