Beshear Addresses House Democratic Caucus

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

One day after defeat of the slots bill, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear spoke briefly with the House Democratic Caucus.

Gov. Beshear says he just dropped by to thank House Democrats for their hard work during the special session. But he says the session’s not over yet. Three issues are still pending.

“Number one, we need to balance this budget,” said Beshear. “Secondly, we need to pass the economic incentives legislation and thirdly, we need to pass the bridges legislation.”

On defeat of the slots bill, Beshear says he’s still weighing his options.

“Where we go from here, we’ll wait until this session is over with and sit down and talk to a lot of folks about what our options may be,” he said.

Beshear says a constitutional amendment on expanded gambling is one option, but whether it’s a viable option, Beshear replied, “I don’t know yet.”