H1N1 Cases Could Surge in the Fall

New cases of H1N1 virus – or swine flu – are still being reported to the Kentucky Department of Health – the current total stands at 109 cases. Fifty-six of them have been recorded in Jefferson County.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Craig Humbaugh says officials are bracing for a surge in the numbers later this year.

“Even though we’re still seeing transmission now, there could be an increase,” says Humbaugh, “even more so in the fall because influenza viruses tend to have a predilection toward cold weather.”

Humbaugh says school-aged children will also be returning to classes in the fall, which could lead to more rapid transmission of the virus.

Indiana health officials announced more than twenty new cases of swine flu there week, which brings the total to 223. Most of those are in Lake County in the northwest corner of the state, and Marion County, which includes Indianapolis.