Colgate Plant Development "Imminent"

In Clarksville this weekend, retirees from the old Colgate Plant will gather to recall their years working for the company. But the plant’s appearance will likely soon be changing.

Colgate sold the plant earlier this year to a holding company that plans to sell it to a developer.

Clarksville Redevelopment Director Rick Dickman says the likely new owner, which has not been publicly identified, wants to follow the city’s plan to turn the land into a multi-use development.

Dickman says construction would likely begin shortly after the plant is sold, but he’s not sure exactly when that will be.

“It’s imminent,” he says. “That’s all I can tell you. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it’s this week, I also wouldn’t be surprised to find out it’s next month.”

Meanwhile, the city of Clarksville is preparing to hire a master planner for the project by the end of July.