Forum Today On Norton-Anthem Dispute

by Gabe Bullard on June 15, 2009

The impasse between Kentucky’s largest insurer and Louisville’s largest healthcare provider will get a public airing Monday.

Norton Healthcare is threatening to drop Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield from its supported insurers if the company doesn’t agree to higher reimbursements and other administrative changes.

The Louisville-Kentucky Business Coalition on Health will hold a forum on the issue for business leaders. Coalition president Paul Shaughnessy says higher rates for Anthem could likely mean higher rates for employers who use the insurer.

“Employers are kind of caught off guard that they might have to respond to this,” he says. “What actions might they have to take. So I think for the first time employers are really looking at this saying, ‘Where is our voice?'”

Only a spokesperson for Anthem will speak at the forum. A Norton representative says the company would rather work on renegotiating its contract with Anthem than make presentations at public forums.

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Wanda Hunter June 17, 2009 at 12:54 pm

What is up with this? Why can’t the two get together and settle this. I have had blue cross over 25 years and have only dealt with Norton on all my healthcare needs. I have a great doctor and have only been in Norton Hospital when I had to be in a hospital. Most of my care now is maintenance especially since being diagnosed with diabetes.

I know money is the issue, work together and settle. Norton keep Blue cross as and insurer, think of your patients. I am sure it will be a hardship on several people and an inconvenience, but like anything else we as insurers have to look at cost and may have to change everything if that is what Norton and Blue Cross want to happen, everything I am reading about, I don’t see either side trying to come to an agreement and hope to hear they stay together .

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