Report: Not Enough Young Adults with Degrees in Louisville

The number of college-educated young people isn’t growing quickly enough in Louisville – that’s according to the Greater Louisville Project, whose 2009 Competitive Cities report is out today.

The group had set a goal they hoped to launch Louisville into the top tier of those fifteen cities. The 2005 goal was to double the projected growth in that category by 2010.

Director Carolyn Gatz says the number of college-educated young people is a strong indicator of where a city is going.

“This age group is small across the country, but basically what we’ve found is that Louisville is not attracting or keeping young adults with a college degree in sufficient numbers to move us up the rankings compared with our peer cities,” says Gatz.

Raleigh, North Carolina has the highest number of those fifteen cities when it comes to young adults with a bachelor’s degree.

Louisville ranked well in the report in terms of obesity and infant mortality rates.  It ranked poorly in air quality.