Flyover Film Festival Launches In Louisville

Louisville’s first annual Flyover Film Festival this weekend is presenting a lineup of independent films, including the documentary, “The Other Side of Immigration.”

Director Roy Germano says the idea emerged from his unfamiliarity with immigration as he began working alongside Mexicans at a restaurant in Chicago. Germano furthered his interest through his studies at the University of Texas and fieldwork in Mexico.

“It was in a way very easy for me to meet interesting people in town, and I talked to them and asked them if I could bring my camera and set it up and they would just do most of the talking. I would ask very basic questions, sort of like, ‘why do people migrate?’ and that could lead into a million different directions into economic perspectives, political perspectives, or family perspectives,” Germano said.

Details about the “The Other Side of Immigration” and other entries in the Flyover Film Festival can be found here.