'Anti-Litter' Ordinance Faces Legal Challenge

The so-called ‘anti-litter’ ordinance was approved last night by Louisville’s Metro Council – but a legal challenge is likely ahead for the measure.

The ordinance restricts delivery locations of unsolicited written materials, such at advertising supplements delivered by the Courier-Journal.

Councilman Doug Hawkins is one of three council members who voted ‘no’ on the ordinance.

“I think the legislation was somewhat convoluted, I don’t think it was well thought out, I don’t think it was legally sound,” says Hawkins, “and to be very honest with you, I think it was really pointed at the Courier-Journal, and I just don’t think specific legislation should be aimed at any particular company.”

The Courier-Journal’s publisher, Arnold Garson, has said the paper can’t survive without the revenue from those advertisements. He says the paper will challenge the ordinance as a violation of the First Amendment.