TARC Considers Major Cuts, Fare Increases

The Transit Authority of River City – TARC – is looking at revising its budget for the next fiscal year to compensate for a projected 1.4% decrease in occupational tax revenues.  The TARC board met in special session today to discuss how to deal with a projected shortfall of $2.6-million dollars.

Executive Director Barry Barker says there’s a measure pending in Congress that would allow TARC to redirect some federal stimulus funds to its operating budget.

“A week from now, we’ll have a much better look at this, dependent upon what happens with the supplemental legislation in front of Congress right now,” says Barker. “A week from now our conversation may be very different.”

He says the agency could get about $1.8-million dollars from that legislation.

But if it isn’t approved, TARC would almost certainly be looking at an up to 5% decrease in service, a bus fare increase of up to fifty cents, or a combination of both. The board is expected to meet again later this month.