Museum Plaza Delays Could Push Back U Of L MFA

The University of Louisville is ready to launch its Master of Fine Arts program, but the school doesn’t yet have a place to put the students.

The MFA program was originally scheduled to start in either the Museum Plaza skyscraper complex, or move to the tower after a year on the Belknap Campus. But construction on Museum Plaza has been delayed indefinitely while the developers await a favorable bond market.

U of L Fine Arts Chair James Grubola says the school is eager to start the MFA program, but it needs space.

“We have had this as the department’s number one priority for a long time now and the only thing that’s been holding us back is that we want to do it well,” he says.

Grubola says the school could start accepting applications next year and use either the campus or an intermediate space until Museum Plaza is finished. Developer Craig Greenberg says the project will continue and U of L is still included as a tenant.