Studio 619 for May 31, 2009

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International Adoption Programadoption

The University of Louisville recently opened a new medical clinic. It specializes in the medical issues that accompany international adoption. Stephanie Sanders spoke with the clinic’s director, pediatrician Mike Howard, about the clinic, why it’s needed and the medical problems many adoptive parents face when selecting a child from overseas.

Jon Jeter and Globalism

Jon Jeter is a former foreign bureau chief for the Washington Post, having served in southern Africa and South America. Jeter has written extensively about globalization, monetary policy, de-regulation and related topics.His thoughts about the effects of globalization over the past three decades are included in a new book; Flat Broke in the Free Market: How Globalization Fleeced Working People.

Sculpture at Yew Dell Gardens

With spring fully in play, foliage is budding in local gardens. Meanwhile, one local 33-acre garden is also sprouting contemporary art.

Lincoln Memorial

A long-awaited memorial to Abraham Lincoln will be dedicated this week in Louisville’s Waterfront Park. It includes a 12-foot sculpture of the 16th president and bas reliefs depicting various stages in his life. It’s part of the ongoing Lincoln Bicentennial celebration.