Parks Officials Prepared For Employment Cuts

Louisville Metro Parks is set to lose 175 vacant positions under the mayor’s proposed budget. But parks officials are aiming to weather the cuts without making noticeable changes to park services.

Of the 175 positions being cut, 148 are seasonal jobs, in areas such as maintenance.

Spokesperson Jason Cissell says the anticipated cuts have changed how parks will be taken care of, specifically with grass cutting. Cissell says the department’s new plan calls for the grass to still be cut every two weeks.

“There will be some times when we need to make some decisions and prioritize and mow areas around ball fields, around playgrounds, around popular recreational areas more so than around some more remote areas,” he says.

Cissell says the cuts would not affect the department’s requirements for lifeguards or camp counselors.

“By avoiding any impact on lifeguards, any impact on summer camps, we had to spread it among our more outreach-oriented recreation programs and our park maintenance programs,” says Cissell.

379 seasonal positions will remain in the proposed budget.