Buy a Car, Get a Goat

by kespeland on May 29, 2009

I’m thinking of moving to New Zealand, just to take advantage of this fabulous offer from Mitsubishi: buy a model called the Triton, and get a free goat! (Thanks to Grist for finding this story.) The company says the gimmick is meant to help the island nation’s rural economy recover. Goats, they say, are hardier than the more common sheep and cattle because they can weather drought – and they’ll eat just about anything. They’re producers of many in-demand products, including goat’s milk and cheese, fiber, and meat. And they’re cheaper and easier on the environment than pesticides when it comes to controlling weeds.

Goats at work

Goats at work

While all those claims are pretty valid (especially the weed-eating bit), Mitsubishi isn’t going to single-handedly save the planet and stave off recession with what amounts, after all, to a gimmick. But it might get you thinking, especially if you’ve got a little land. Why not rent a flock of goats to do the mowing and control weeds? Google did. And so have many others.  You might find some local options here. The downside? Goats are equal opportunity munchers: they’ll eat those pesky weeds and your beloved rosebush.

OK, I’m not really contemplating a move down under. I would love to have some goats, but they don’t do so well in apartments.

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manigordo May 29, 2009 at 5:23 pm


I want my lawn-goat too!

Never mind the car though…

Justin Aimbarrack May 30, 2009 at 1:47 am

This ain’t funny at all. I find it disgusting, we have a car manufacturer now selling lives of animals to sell its cars. Do they even know what predicament they are putting animals in. Most people do not even understand how to look after domesticated dogs and cats, imagine goats.. Some would be treated cruelly by ignorant humans and what not. I feel for animals, they have such an awful master. HUMANITY! God you’d feel cursed.

Kristin Espeland June 1, 2009 at 3:19 pm

I appreciate your concern for animals completely. I am not advocating the giving out of goats to anyone, willy nilly, or willy billy, as it were. But consider New Zealand: there are more sheep than people, and lots of pastoral living. One would hope that the takers of the “goat option” would have plenty of space and plenty of animal husbandry experience to give their new ruminant a good home.

Jude June 16, 2009 at 11:21 am

You simply have to be able say ‘no, thanks at that price’ at least once to the dealer. This gives them a strong message that you are serious about your research.

You should also bring a piece of paper to the dealership and make sure you do all the math of the finance calculations yourself. The point is not that they will do the math wrong. The point is you will see exactly how the deal is structured. Do not be afraid to take the time to do this or look like a fool for mapping out your car deal in the dealership.

My dad swears by this process,

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