Group Threatens Lawsuit if State Approves Video Slots

by scrosby on May 28, 2009

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

A group opposed to expanded gambling is threatening to sue if video slots at Kentucky horse tracks are approved without a constitutional amendment.

Governor Beshear is considering calling a special session to address looming state budget deficits, and horse industry officials are hoping expanded gaming will be on the call.

But Kent Ostrander of The Family Foundation says if lawmakers approve video slots at horse tracks without first putting a constitutional amendment on expanded gaming before the people, the foundation will sue.

“The Family Foundation has always been against the substance of any law that would expand gambling because we do not believe that government should take upon itself to encourage its people to lose in order that it might gain,” he says.

Ostrander says the foundation is capable of raising the funds necessary for a protracted legal battle and “we will win.”

Governor Beshear’s office says the governor has made no decision yet on a special session or what may be on the call if there is one.

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Danny Bodner June 11, 2009 at 6:59 pm

We gamble on horses, we gamble on the lottery, we gamble when we go out at night on the highways. Lets just keep giving our money to Indiana. Wake up Mr. Ostrander, Your Family Foundation Would be much better off if the we approve the slots. My Family and yours would benefit form the enormous amount of extra money that would be generated. We the people of LOUISVILLE take pride in what we have, Lets not lose it because your group from out in the state are jealous of what Louisville can offer its people and visitors.

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