Dozens Gather For Healthcare Rally

by Gabe Bullard on May 28, 2009

singlepayer-008Advocates for a single payer healthcare system gathered in Louisville Thursday for what’s become an annual rally.

This is the second year the group has gathered outside of the Humana building. Protestor Dr. Ewell (Yule) Scott with Physicians for a National Health Plan says he favors a government-provided insurance program because it would cut down on the paperwork he and his patients have to file.

“If we went to a single payer plan, the efficiencies would be so great; it makes so much more sense to do it that way,” he says.

Jim Turner with Humana says the company is in favor of health care reform, but not a single payer system. He says the first thing that should be changed about health care is the cost.

“If we don’t get costs down, if we don’t get the health care inflation rate more in line with the overall inflation rate, it’s going to be really tough for any health care reform to be effective and work over the long-term,” he says.

Congress is expected to begin debating health care reform this summer.

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Fred May 28, 2009 at 4:01 pm

If you would like to help pressure Congress with your vote to pass single payer health care please join our voting bloc at:

Shiu May 28, 2009 at 5:01 pm

How come it is quite alright for the greedy insurance companies to dig deeper and deeper into the pockets of the American people, all the while selling defective products?
Health insurance is not the same as health care. Insurance is for accidents.
For those who are fearful of the dirty word “socialism”, why are they not concerned about the fact that we the taxpayers are bailing out Wall Street and the banksters with trillions and counting, (which is corporate socialism) with no strings attached?
Obama has said that Single Payer would be the best approach if we “were starting from scratch”. By removing the age restrictions and expanding and improving Medicare to include all Americans, we could have a truly unique American health care system…

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