Daniels Prepares Budget

Gov. Mitch DanielsIndiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he will present a lean budget proposal to state lawmakers on Monday.

Daniels will likely call a special legislative session in mid-June to pass a budget after lawmakers were unable to agree on a spending plan at the end of the regular session last month.

Daniels says despite the recession, lawmaker should be able to approve a budget that doesn’t cut public safety or education or raise taxes.

“The state government’s income, like the incomes of Hoosiers, is going to be down a while,” he says. “[We need to] Keep our spending down in the neighborhood of that revenue. To do otherwise would be a terrible disservice to taxpayers in this state.”

Daniels says the state’s hiring freeze will likely remain in place, though he isn’t planning on the budget requiring any layoffs or the spending of reserve funds.

He says he’s confident lawmakers will approve a budget before the June 30 deadline and avoid a state government shutdown.