Local Station Airs Play by U of L Professor

A new play about soldiers that debuted at The University of Louisville will air tomorrow morning on the CW-Louisville television station. WFPL’s Elizabeth Kramer has more.

soldiers_circle_cast_photo1Soldiers Circle” was staged in March. During the run, management at the CW-Louisville television station decided to film it for a Memorial Day airing. The play tells the stories of soldiers from their recruitment, through deployment to Iraq, and home again.

Russell Vandenbroucke is chair of the university’s Department of Theatre Arts, and he wrote the play.

“There’s actually a very powerful sense of what it means for any man or woman to endure an experience as formative as most soldiers find being in the military to be and what it is that they come out with at the other end,” Vandenbroucke says. “And certainly the play gives us a sense of that.”

Vandenbroucke says he interviewed several veterans to create it.

“I didn’t begin the piece necessarily imagining it would be focused on or appeal to or be sensitive towards the life experiences, the military experiences of veterans,” he says. “B ut I’ve certainly had quite a few responses from that group of people.”

The CW-Louisville wanted to air the play because it was something created in the community. The station was recently sold to a new owner, but university officials say they hope to showcase other theater productions on the station.