Debris Pickup Nearly Complete, May Not Happen Again

DebrisPublic and private crews are almost finished collecting the debris from the January ice storm. The task has city officials questioning if they’ll continue to have curbside collection of severe storm debris in the future.

The twenty debris crews are now collecting limbs from private roads and responding to calls about streets they missed during the last four months of pickup.

Mayor’s spokesperson Chris Poynter says the city is not required to offer special curbside collection after a major weather event,  and the government may not step in after the next severe storm.

“I think we’ll look much stronger at doing it in the future,” he says. “One of the reasons it took so long is because the city was doing it and it encouraged people not to dump their debris. I’m not sure we’ll ever do it again.”

Poynter says no decisions about future pickup have been made;  it would likely depend on the severity of the storm.