More KCTCS Faculty Approve No-Confidence Resolutions

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

The faculties at 15 of the 16 community and technical colleges in Kentucky have now voted no-confidence in the board of regents that oversees them.

The faculty at Hazard Community and Technical College is the latest to join the protest, voting overwhelmingly for the no-confidence resolution.

The teachers are upset with a no-tenure-for-new-hires policy approved by the board of regents earlier this year. The new rule takes effect July 1st.

The only faculty within the system that has not approved the resolution is at Bowling Green Community College.

The regents say the new policy will allow more flexibility in hiring and save money without reducing employee protections. Opponents say it will shrink the pool of highly qualified candidates for teaching positions at rural community colleges.

Governor Beshear says he is willing to give the no-tenure policy a chance to work, but at least one lawmaker plans to offer legislation to repeal it.