U Of L Anticipating Cut, Puts Hopes On Gaming

University of Louisville officials have not finished putting together the budget for the next fiscal year, but it will continue the string of spending cuts and tuition increases.

On Friday school officials presented the Council on Postsecondary Education with a document that highlights more than 200 million dollars in university budget cuts since 2002. More than half of the cuts were the direct result of reductions in state funding.

State officials haven’t announced any additional education cuts, but university president James Ramsey says he’s anticipating them.

“I think it’s impossible to move that much money around and I think they’ve done what they’re going to do as far as tax increases,” he says. “We’re hopeful they’ll look at other revenue sources, including expanded gaming.”

Two attempts to pass expanded gaming legislation in the General Assembly have failed.

Last week the school’s Board of Trustees Finance Committee approved a salary freeze for faculty members and a five percent tuition increase.