Interfaith Paths To Peace Expanding

Louisville’s Interfaith Paths to Peace organization is expanding this week.

The group has hired Jan Arnow to be its new associate director.   She’s the former director of the Council on Interfaith Relations. Arnow and IPP director Terry Taylor will represent the organization next month on fact-finding trips to Rwanda and Turkey, respectively.

Taylor says the group’s travels and expansion are made possible by continued philanthropy from individuals who are interested in learning about the world.

“Certainly international events spur interest in religions,” he says. “Sadly sometimes that does have to do with war and conflict. But I would say, more than that, it’s the fact that when people are in the workplace here in Louisville, they go to the grocery store, they take their kids to school. More and more they’re meeting people who are different from them.”

The group is also moving into a larger office space this week.