Councilman Johnson Says Debris Pickup Mismanaged

Councilman JohnsonLouisville Public Works officials hope to have all of the debris from January’s ice storm picked up next week.

Public Works Director Ted Pullen originally planned to have the debris cleared by Derby, but the job was too big to meet that goal, even with private contractors helping city crews.

debris-004Metro Councilman Dan Johnson says the entire pickup effort has been mismanaged and his south Louisville district has been neglected by the crews.

“Every week I have e-mailed the mayor saying, ‘Please get these streets done,'” says Johnson. “Ted Pullen e-mailed me back, ‘We’ve got a contractor coming to get it done right now. He’ll be in that neighborhood.’ Well there’s not been one and I want one.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office says more than 80 percent of Johnson’s district has been cleared and all debris should be cleared by next week.