Bunning Reiterates Plans To Stay In Race

U.S. Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky says the recent announcement that fellow Republican Trey Grayson has formed a committee to explore a possible run for his seat next year is not a signal that Bunning is bowing out of the race.

Bunning says he suggested that Grayson take the routine step last month. 

“He is a dear friend, and i thought this would be a way for him not to have to pay to travel around the state and still gather up some money for any federal office he chooses to run for,” Bunning said during his weekly teleconference.

Grayson, who’s in his second term as Kentucky Secretary of State, has repeatedly said he won’t run against Bunning, his political mentor, in next year’s primary.

Bunning also said the only way he’d ever consider abandoning the race was if he failed to meet his fundraising goals later this year.