State Health Lab Works to Confirm Possible Swine Flu Cases

by scrosby on May 4, 2009

The Kentucky Department of Health hopes to be able to confirm the state’s cases of swine flu in-house later this week or next week. Right now the lab has to send samples from cases it deems ‘probable’ to the Centers for Disease Control for confirmation, which can take up to two weeks.

Spokesperson Gwenda Bond says they’re working to calibrate the state lab so they can confirm cases there.

“CDC has provided what we call re-agents to state laboratories,” says Bond, “but because the test must be calibrated by giving back a confirmed result on five cases that have already been confirmed by CDC, that’s a delay because we’re waiting to get confirmation back on the samples we’ve submitted.”

So far, the state lab can only deem cases ‘probable’. They’ve done so with five cases. They are in Hardin, Daviess, Montgomery and Fayette counties, and the Barren River Health District in western Kentucky.

There was a confirmed case in a person from Warren County, who had traveled to Georgia.

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Kyle Williams May 5, 2009 at 10:16 am

CDC can only confirm 100 vials a day on average. Travelers from Mexico up to now have been their first priority. According to reports I have read they are even tossing a lot of the stuff sent in because they could never keep up. Look at the numbers we have and what provinces they came from and you will understand that not only is the number of infected in Mexico would have to be in the tens of thousand in order to get this kind of widespread outbreak from people traveling from different provinces of Mexico. I would highly suspect the death and infection rates are far from accurate

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