Daniels Calls For New Revenue Projections

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says state revenues for April were $255 million below a revised fiscal forecast issued last month, and wants some new projections in hand before he calls a special legislative session to pass a state budget.

Lawmakers did not pass a new spending plan before the regular session ended Wednesday. Daniels says he would have vetoed the measure, which cleared the Senate but failed in the House. He says the lower revenues make it clear that the plan would have depleted the state’s reserves and left a $1 billion shortfall.

“That’s playing with pretend money,”  Daniels said.    “So the first thing to do is to look at these actual numbers and rerun the forecast that they just used, honestly.”

Daniels is calling on the bi-partisan State Budget Committee to get a new revenue forecast on which to base the next budget.   He hasn’t said when he’ll summon lawmakers back to the Capitol.