Chamber of Commerce Survey Finds Hopeful Business Owners

A recent survey by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce finds companies are feeling hopeful about the future of the economy.  

The electronic survey was sent to 1,600 businesses, and 250 completed the survey.  Chamber President and CEO Dave Adkisson says it included questions about how their business was faring in the economy, and about what they expect over the next three, six, and twelve months.

“Is it absolute? No one claims to have the crystal ball,” says Adkisson, “but these 250 business people have given us their best opinion of where it will be, and that opinion is encouraging relative to where we are right now.”

Adkisson says one-out-of-five business owners think they will still be laying off employees in one year’s time.  Two say their workforces will remain steady at that time, and two think they will be hiring more employees.