Preparations for Derby Breakfast Underway

From Kentucky Public Radio’s Tony McVeigh

In Frankfort, workers are putting the final touches on preparations for the Governor’s Derby Breakfast at the State Capitol. Tight fiscal times demanded some downsizing, so there’s no big tent this year.

Instead, picnic tables have been set-up behind the Capitol and the sausage and biscuits will be served from several nearby food stations.

“It’s a dollar an item. We’re not trying to make money on the event. We just want to break even,” says organizer Bob Stewart.

He says it’ll be a family affair, with plenty of entertainment, arts and crafts, and fun things for the kids. “Think State Fair-ish, with a Derby twist to it, is kind of what the look is this year,” says Stewart.

The breakfast has evolved over the years, from the private get-together first hosted by Governor Happy Chandler in the 1930’s to today’s public event that annually draws thousands to the State Capitol. It’s open to everyone and you don’t need an invitation.